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1. Contact data
2. Generalities
3. What information do we collect from you?
4. When and how information is used
5. How do we protect the information
6. Who has access to the information collected from you
7. How to Fix Errors
8. Sharing information to third parties

The web site https://WWW.RENTACAR365.RO is owned and operated by S.C. POC 365 RENT A CAR SRL, a Romanian company, which can be contacted in the following ways:
• by phone: ☎ 0040.760.278.567
• e-mail: ✉ office@rentacar365.ro
• at: Sos. Iancului, no. 33, Bucharest, Sector 2, ROMANIA
• Tax data: S.C. PIC 365 RENT A CAR SRL, CIF 35542080, J40 / 14234/2017, CS200 Lei, RO36 BACX 0000001254338000 (RON), Bank: UNICREDIT BANK
National Association for Consumer Protection: 021/9551 ÷ http://www.anpc.gov.ro/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=28&Itemid=60

The document you are currently going through is in fact one of the ways in which we want to show you that the confidence you give us is not unilateral, and that we, in our turn, take all the necessary measures that your visit to our site is as enjoyable and without consequences that you do not anticipate.
According to the legal provisions imposed by the European Union through the General Regulation for the Personal Data Protection no. 679/2016, completed with the Romanian law in force, POC 365 RENT A CAR srl. assumes the legal provisions and undertakes to manage, safely and for declared purposes only, the personal data that are provided to you by means of our forms, emails or web applications.
For any questions or perplexities regarding the terms used below or any other issues related to the way we understand to keep the confidentiality of your data, please contact us at the following email address: ✉ office@rentacar365.ro

WWW.RENTACAR365.RO collects information from its users in the following ways: directly from the user, the traffic reports registered by the servers hosting WWW.RENTACAR365.RO sites, as well as through cookies.
The purpose of collecting the data specified above is the one stated in the section where your data is requested and depending on the selected options, and one or more of the following situations can be identified by purpose:
• to improve the quality of products and services sc. POC 365 RENT A CAR srl. so as to meet the needs of users and to provide news about the products and services offered;
• represents the delivery, invoicing and online marketing of products and / or services including invoicing and delivery;
• informing about the placed order, the favorite products or included in the list of preferences or alerts;
• forwarding the newsletter and occasional bids;
• Providing advertising, marketing and advertising services.

sc POC 365 RENT A CAR srl processes your personal data by automated and manual means to deliver services to clients, issue tax invoices and possible warranties, collect claims related to them and your solicitor's solicited work related to sc. POC 365 RENT A CAR srl.
Your data is required to perform services, issue service bills, collect claims related to them, and resolve your solicitations in connection with your business. POC 365 RENT A CAR srl.
Please note that your refusal may cause the service / products or selections / orders to be unavailable.

Information provided directly by the user:
When requesting a reservation at www.rentacar365.ro, we will ask for your name and surname, which is your e-mail address and contact phone number. These data are strictly used to process your booking on www.rentacar365.ro.

Server traffic report information:
When visiting a website, you disclose certain information about yourself, such as your IP address, the time of your visit, where you entered our sites. WWW.RENTACAR365.RO, like other operators, registers this information.

In order to provide a custom service to our users, WWW.RENTACAR365.RO can use cookies to facilitate the storage and tracking of your preferences. For example, we can use cookies to identify you and provide you with information and services based on the preferences you have expressed in your previous visits. Also, third-party online advertising can use cookies to adapt your advertising messages to your preferences. Cookies are .txt files that your browser offers to a web server and then stored on your computer's hard drive Your use of cookies is a current standard on many of the important sites you visit. Most browsers are set to accept cookies. However, if you prefer, you can reset your browser either to let you know whenever you receive a cookie or even refuse to accept cookies. However, you should know that some sections of our site will not be viewable normally if you have set your browser to reject cookies.

You also have to remember that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information in the online communication environment, such as online forums, email program, FTP program, chat groups, chat services, the information you reveal can be easily collected and used by unauthorized persons. Although WWW.RENTACAR365.RO does everything possible to protect your personal information, WWW.RENTACAR365.RO can not guarantee or guarantee the security of any kind of information you provide to us so that the transmission of information in an inappropriate environment is done at your own risk. You must also understand that you are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of information (passwords, usernames, etc.) related to the accounts you have acquired as a result of using our services.
Details of cookie policy found here (link to cookie policy page)

WWW.RENTACAR365.RO uses the information you collect from you in several ways, depending on the type of information you collect:
- Information provided directly by the user: this information is used only for the purpose of personalizing the services you provide and checking your identity in order to execute any contracts between you and our company as a result of your use of our online services developed by us.
- Information collected from the WWW.RENTACAR365.RO traffic report: This type of information helps us identify which sections of our sites are sections of interest to users. WWW.RENTACAR365.RO also collects the IP addresses of its users in order to securely manage our IT system in order to avoid criminal activities and, last but not least, to communicate the anonymous user templates to our advertising clients .;
- Information collected through cookies: WWW.RENTACAR365.RO uses cookies to allow us to use our services as much as possible and to obtain statistical information that will allow us to improve our services. Cookies (as defined above) allow us to save your passwords and preferences so you do not have to re-enter them the next time you visit us.

The privacy and protection of information collected from you is of vital importance to us. WWW.RENTACAR365.RO does not provide the information collected to third parties without your express and prior consent. Any traffic statistics for our users that we will provide to third-party advertising sites or partner sites is provided only as a set of data and does not include any personally identifiable information about any individual user.
Unfortunately, no data transmission through the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% safe. Consequently, despite our efforts to protect your personal information, WWW.RENTACAR365.RO can not guarantee or guarantee the security of the information you transmit to us, to and from our online services or our products. We therefore warn you that any information sent to us will be at your own risk.
When we receive the information you provide, we guarantee that we will make every effort to ensure their security in our systems, according to the security standards required by the Romanian legislation in force.

Except as outlined above, WWW.RENTACAR365.RO will not disclose any personally identifiable information about its users to third parties without first obtaining the express consent of the users in this respect.
At the same time, however, WWW.RENTACAR365.RO may disclose personally identifiable information when the law expressly so provides or when it is necessary to protect the rights and interests of WWW.RENTACAR365.RO
In conclusion, when you visit WWW.RENTACAR365.RO and you are asked to disclose information about yourself, you will only disclose this information to WWW.RENTACAR365.RO, unless the service or information is provided in partner with another site or service.
Each time, however, when such a service is provided in partnership with another site, you will be informed of this. In order to provide you services at the highest standards, it is necessary to share your personal information with the co-location or service. If you do not want your data to be shared, you can do so by not allowing data transfer by not using that particular service.
However, if you choose to share data sharing, you must understand that service partners in the partnership may have separate privacy and data collection practices. WWW.RENTACAR365.RO has no control whatsoever and can not guarantee all the legal aspects involved in the use of these privacy practices.

If you create an account with one of our services, we can send you a confirmation email to give you the details of your new account. The confirmation message will be sent to the email address you provided us and will describe how you can modify or delete the account data you just created. We advise you to keep this confirmation email, especially as this contains information that may be useful to you when you encounter problems accessing our services.

WWW.RENTACAR365.RO sites may use the services of some advertising companies to set up ad targets and to support advertising campaigns and other marketing-specific messages. For this, these companies can collect anonymous data through cookies. To the extent that this will be the case, WWW.RENTACAR365.RO will include in its privacy agreement links to the privacy agreements of the partner advertising networks.

www.rentacar365.ro                        Tel: 0040 760 278 567                          e-mail: office@rentacar365.ro